How To Showcase Your Pet With The Perfect Pet Portrait Painting

Pet portrait painting of cat on its back

If you’re a pet owner, then you are well acquainted with the issue of running out of storage on your phone with your camera roll chock full of pictures of your pets. Photos of your pet are great, but why not turn some of those adorable pics into a fun pet portrait painting?

Rather than being stuck on a phone, paintings can be hung on a wall to showcase your perfect pet to everyone. They’re also so much more whimsical, fun, and personal than a digital photo in a frame. If you’re not so confident in your painting ability, we offer amazing pet portrait services that can do it for you! Continue reading “How To Showcase Your Pet With The Perfect Pet Portrait Painting”

What Is a Portrait Painting?

Instapainting wedding portrait painting.
There’s something unique about a painting because of the time, care, and talent put into the piece of art. Paintings add a sort of old-world charm to an increasingly modern age, while also showcasing the artistic taste of the owner. There are several different mediums for painting, including digital painting, spray painting, oil painting, and ink wash painting, to name a few. Continue reading “What Is a Portrait Painting?”