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Live video collaborative robotic painting. What could go wrong?

Next Stream: December 9, 9 AM PST, for 36 hours.


While our main business involves getting human artists to paint portraits and other art from photographs, many months ago we built a robot to do it in the name of science. We had it copy a black and white painting and copy a colored painting done by some talented artists and draw a line sketch of a photograph of Cthulhu.

Now we've hooked it up to the internet, and are live-streaming it from Twitch so you can all take live control and make it do stuff—at the same time!

Start Painting

Take Control of the Robot

You can also view and chat on


We've improved our controls with a GUI. Just click where you want to go.

If you're watching from the stream, you can also send X, Y, or Z values, separated by spaces, into the Twitch chat. Z controls the brush height.

Example: "1000 -5000 60" will move the brush 1000 to the right and 5000 down, and depress the brush to position 60 (along with the last collaborative painting).

Determines how much to move left or right.
Determines how much to move from top to bottom.
Determines the absolute vertical position of the brush. 0 is fully raised, 35 is just the tip (contact with paper), and 60 is fully depressed. Going beyond 60 could possibly damage my floor, or do nothing.

How It Works

Every second we average the X, Y, and Z coordinates everyone sends and move the robot. You can see it react LIVE on the control page or the stream.

We've put colors and some water on the canvas. What you choose to do with them is completely up to you.


After 36 hours, we will remove the paper and attempt to determine what's on it. Then we will auction it on ebay and donate the proceeds to the general fund.

Here are some side missions to accomplish (in order of difficulty):

  • Get a color, any color, onto the brush
  • Paint a line
  • Paint a square - quakenul
  • Paint a circle
  • Mix a new color
  • Paint a perfect circle - flux_w42
  • Paint the rocket ship
  • Cover all of the paper with some amount of paint
  • Paint a replica of the Mona Lisa


Depending on your internet connection, there may be a 10-20 second delay between your input and seeing the action in the video.

Content Disclaimer

We are not responsible for what is painted. If the images painted violate your copyright or offend you, please email us.

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