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  • Real paint—not digital. Your photo becomes a real physical painting, not a digital one. The artist paints with real paint on real canvas.
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  • Unlimited revisions and BrushVision technology makes it easy to see changes between revisions. Mark up your painting on our website easily.
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  • USA Company. We are a US-based corporation with offices in San Francisco, CA.

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Erik from West Haven, US
★★★★★ Edmond was extremely patient and professional. The piece came out fantastic and all the suggested revisions were done... (full review on order page) 05/25/2018

Jodi from Miami, US
★★★★★ This is the second time we have used this artist to paint for us. She is amazing and does beautiful work. My husband... (full review on order page) 05/25/2018

Marc from Grand Prairie, US
★★★★★ 05/23/2018

Brian from Littleton, US
★★★★★ The whole process was very easy. Edmond did an amazing job and was very quick. 05/23/2018
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Press and Testimonials

I was biking with my parents and took a photo of this beautiful Vancouver scene. An oil painting was the perfect way to capture the essence of that moment!

Eric Migicovsky
CEO of Pebble Technology Corp.
Eric Migicovsky's (founder of Pebble Smartwatch) oil painting

I love Instapainting. Being able to see your creation come to life in a real painting is incredible. Especially for me as I can't paint worth anything.

Justin Kan
Entrepreneur, Co-founder of
Saul Klein
Partner, Index Ventures
Alexis Ohanian
Executive Chairman,
Wired Magazine Instapainting Robo Painter on Techcrunch AI Painter on Engadget on Backchannel
Intrepid Robot Artist Creates 36-Hour Crowd-Sourced Painting
A Robot Spent 36 Hours Painting This Abstract Masterpiece

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