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Draw your smile,
Become better with you!:)

I've been painting for as long as I can remember.
I like to draw portraits of people and animals, nature and architecture.
For more than 8 years I have been inspired by the smiles of satisfied customers, and this is the best incentive to grow in my capabilities.

Digital art. I draw in realism style and also can draw style you need.
All of digital artworks are 100% hand-made.

I draw in traditional with mediums:
- oil on canvas
- acrylic on canvas
- pastel
- charcoal
- pencils
- watercolor

Price list for Oil and Acrylic Paintings:
8x10″ (20x25 cm): $ 80
12x12″ (30x30 cm): $ 89
11x14″(28x36 cm): $ 89
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $ 115
16×20″ (40×50 cm): $ 135
20×24″ (50×60 cm): $ 149
24×36″ (60×90 cm): $ 169
+ 1 person or animal: from $25

Price list for black and white drawings (charcoal, pencils):
8x10″ (20x25 cm): $ 69
12x12″ (30x30 cm): $ 75
11x14″(28x36 cm): $ 75
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $ 95
16×20″ (40×50 cm): $ 100
20×24″ (50×60 cm): $ 110
+ 1 person or animal: from $25

Price list for Watercolor Paintings and Pastel Drawings:
8x10″ (20x25 cm): $ 79
12x12″ (30x30 cm): $ 87
11x14″(28x36 cm): $ 87
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $ 93
16×20″ (40×50 cm): $ 97
20×24″ (50×60 cm): $ 107
+ 1 person or animal: from $25

Please note that the color of the photo may vary slightly due to display settings.
Shipping: paper and canvas rolled in tube (or stretched if you need, it's additional)

I'm happy that my works travel to different countries and I have the opportunity to share a piece of my love to art with people from different parts of our big and beautiful world.
Create a piece of beautiful art with me:)

Kyiv, Ukraine
Matt from Bellingham
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5/5 stars - I had a wonderful experience. The painting turned out better than I even imagined. The artist's communication was great. She is a lovely person and was very responsive to my (few) special requests - changing the coloration of the main object in the painting, and omitting one detail from the photo I provided. Also, she sent me several progress images along the way, and her packaging was very, very good. The painting arrived(all the way from Ukraine!) completely safely. I will use Alina again for another project I have in mind. Her personality that came through during the project makes the painting more personal and more valuable to me.
Artist's Response
Thank you so much, Matt!) I was happy to make this painting for you:)
- Matt from Bellingham
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