Pre-Sales General Information

If you need general information before you order please contact us by email at (we normally respond within 1 business day or sooner) or via live chat on the bottom right corner of our website. Please note our live chat agents are only able to answer general questions and do not have the ability to pull up order information or assist with existing orders. For support on an order please see below.

Technical & Platform Support

For website issues, issues with our platform in general, or technical support, please contact If you found a bug with our website, we offer a bug bounty discount for reporting and helping us resolve the issue.

Existing Orders

Because all orders are fulfilled directly by independent artists and studios, please contact your artist directly for all support inquiries once your order has been accepted by an artist. We make it easy to contact your artist through your Project page (messages tab) or by responding to our automated email notifications when they message you. You can access your project page through your order confirmation page.

We encourage you to keep all communications on the project page so that we can resolve any disputes that arise (such as completion or delivery deadlines, special requests you asked for, etc). Communications outside of our platform (such as phone calls or direct emails) will not be considered by our case investigators.

Retrieve Your Order

You can automatically login to your project pages and manage and track your order from your Order Confirmation link. If you lost your Order Confirmation page link, please fill this form out to re-send the link to you.

Order Email

Status Updates

Your artist will update your Project page with an estimated completion time once an artist accepts your order. Instapainting does not require them to update the progress of your painting until the scheduled completion. For any futher information please ask the artist directly.

For shipping status, please refer to the tracking information on your Project page. All available status is immediately updated to the page when available.

Order Changes

If you need to change your order details or shipping address before an artist has accepted, please contact Extra charges may apply. Please provide your Order ID or send the email from the email on your order. If an artist has already accepted your order, please contact the artist directly through the Project page.

Problems With Your Artist

If your artist is unresponsive (does not reply to you within 2 business days), fails or refuses to resolve an issue, or fails to complete your contract as ordered, then you can contact to file a dispute. We will promptly open an investigation and take corrective action if the artist breaks any agreements made with you or breaks our terms of service.

All orders are fully protected by us, which means if you receive a damaged product or the artist significantly misses their deadline, your order will be discounted, repainted, or eligible for a no-return refund, depending on the severity of their misactions.

Shipping Damage/Missing Items

All orders are covered for damage during shipping. If you suspect or notice damage to your painting, please take photos of the packaging damage, and closeup photos of the damage to the item. Then just contact us and we can open a damage claim on your order to provide a replacement painting.

If your artist forgot to fulfill a part of your order such as framing, just contact us to open a dispute on the order and receive a refund on any services not rendered or items not delivered.