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Turn your photo into a painting. Get an oil portrait just by uploading a photo. 100% physically hand painted onto canvas using oil or acrylic paint by a master portrait artist. By default the artist will turn your photo into a painting exactly as depicted. Upload any photo: people, dogs, cats, houses, scenery, even abstract designs. This product is not printed or digitally made. Includes unlimited revisions and adjustments until the final painting is 100% to your satisfaction.

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BrushVision Unlimited Revisions 100% Money Back Guarantee Real Artist Physically Hand-Made

Turnaround Times
Currently around 5-15 days. Submit an order to get turnaround times from artists based on your requirements.
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Limited Time Promos: FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for paintings larger than 12"x12" (economy shipping only). Promos automatically applied at checkout.

A 12in x 12in is small and cannot fit much detail. Artists do not like working on sizes this small so there may be limited artists to choose from. This size works well if your photo is an extreme closeup or if you are expecting more of an impressionist painting. For a more detailed and accurate painting, we highly recommend 16"x20" or larger.

$17.80 deposit to start
$71.20 due upon completion ($89.00 total)


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Completed orders from real customers and artists are automatically added to our galleries. Your results may vary from orders shown here due to differing artist styles, instructions, and quality of photo references. Click on a sample to view details and the artist that completed the order. For specific results you can request the same artist on their profile and order with similar requirements.


Gene from Ocala, US

Emily from Guelph, CA

Debbie from Fort Lauderdale, US
★★★★★Just received the painting! It is as close to the original photo as it could possibly be! Ms. Alice Wu is incredibly... (full review on order page)

Joseph from Covington, US
★★★★★Thank you!

Harry from North Charleston, US
★★★★★The painting is AMAZING! The whole process was smooth and the results are phenomenal! Cant wait to hang this up!

Jacob from Tulsa, US
★★★★★I had a painting done of myself for my girlfriends birthday and she loved the piece. I was extremely surprised in the... (full review on order page)

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100% hand-painted and fully customizable. Painting time normally ranges from 5-15 days. You can merge subjects from multiple photos into one painting, re-face a classic painting or different photo (for example painting someone into a classical or renaissance portrait painting), remove things, or change backgrounds. See our gallery for examples of common special requests and instructions.

Are these painted on canvas?

Oil Paintings are always done on canvas. The canvas is the cloth material on which the artist paints. The exact material varies from artist to artist, but is usually polyester, cotton, or a blend of both. If you need something specific, please mention it in the instructions field.

Is oil or acrylic paint used?

Oil paint is used by default. If you would like the artist to paint in acrylic, please mention it in the instructions and the artist can accommodate.

What are the turnaround times?

Turnaround times generally range from 5-15 days, regardless of product. The specific turnaround time will vary based on your requirements, your artwork size, and the current level of demand we have in our network. Weather conditions may affect oil painting drying times. Expedited shipping ranges from 3-5 business days, and Economy Saver shipping can take up to 4 weeks for transit. With expedited shipping, most orders are at your door around 3 weeks from ordering, and with economy saver shipping it can take 4-6 weeks. Revision requests and drying time can add to turnaround times. If you need the painting by a specific date, we offer guaranteed delivery deadlines by selecting a delivery deadline date when you configure your painting. Once your order is submitted and we have collected responses from actual artists, you will be able to see their quoted turnaround times based on your order requirements.

What are the frame choices?

If you select the framed option, you will be able to work with the artist to select a matching frame. Because frame options vary based on the artist that accepts your order, you will not be able to see the choices until an artist is matched. Since artists order these from framing shops, generally any moulding design can be ordered for you.

Can these be framed or wrapped onto wooden stretcher bars?

Yes. Just selected the gallery wrap or framed option.

Can the artist help me pick a photo?

Yes! Just upload multiple photos when configuring your item, and ask for the artist to choose in the instructions.

Do you ship worldwide?

Because Instapainting.com is a platform for independent artists and studios worldwide, we can always find artists who can ship to your country. Just enter your address at checkout! *Please note because Instapainting.com is a United States company, certain sanctioned countries cannot use our platform (these include, but are not limited to, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and more)

Where are the artists located?

Instapainting.com is a platform for independent artists and studios, so we do not employ any artists in any specific locations. Artists can register and use our platform from anywhere in the world, as long as they submit portfolio samples that pass our rigourous standards. We have active artists ranging from the United States to Australia, and in many places in between. When you place an order, we look at your requirements and match you with interested artists who will ultimately paint and ship from their home or studio and ship directly to you. Feel free to browse our gallery or our featured artists page to find artists and see their biographies and locations. Normally we will find artists for you, but if you see any artists on our platform that you like, you can request quotations from them on their profile page.

Will I get a proof/preview before the artist starts?

By default, if no instructions are provided, the artist will paint your photo exactly as it is. If the photo does not fit into the size you ordered, they will edit the photo and ask for your approval before starting. If you have complex or non-standard instructions, the artist may provide a photoshop mockup for you to approve so that there are no suprises with the sizes and positions of things. For certain requests such as making a painting in the style of another artwork, the artist cannot do a preview, but we do offer select artistic styles ranging from Picasso to Roy Lichtenstein which you can instantly preview. To try that out, just upload a photo when you configure an item and you will be able to select and preview those styles.

Can I replace the background in my painting?

Yes! Just upload the background photo as a second photo when configuring your item, and write in the instructions box to use the file as the background. You can also describe a color or tone in the instructions box for your artist to use if you do not have a specific background photo. You can visit our gallery to view some examples of background replacement paintings.

Can I add or remove things?

Just write in the instructions box what people or things you want the artist to remove. If you would like to add something to the photo, just upload the additional photo of that person or thing and ask the artist to add it in. It's that simple! You can visit our gallery to view some examples of adding things to paintings and removing things from paintings.

Can I change things in my photo?

Just write in the instructions box what you want to change. For example, if someone is frowning, you can ask the artist to paint them with a smile! You can visit our gallery to view some examples of changing things in paintings.

Can I paint myself into another piece of artwork or painting?

This is a popular request, and of course we have the best artists who specialize in these. To request this type of painting, just upload the photo of the artwork you want to recreate, and then upload headshots of yourself or your subjects in the same poses and positions. Then write in the instructions box where to paint each person. And it doesn't have to be other paintings or artwork. You can paint people into other photos as well! You can visit our gallery to view some examples of re-facing paintings.


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When you submit an order through Instapainting it gets put in front of hundreds of artists in our network of independent artists that look at your order details so that we can select the one that specializes in your requirements.

We're so confident that we find the best artist for the specifics of your order that we back all orders with our no-questions-asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.