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I was born in 1971 in Ukraine. I lived in the city of miners and metallurgists, Makeevka. My parents was also work at the factory. But I dreamed of painting since childhood. So I went to art school and after graduate I would to continue my studies, but I should to have two years in the army. After I went to art college. During my college years, I believed in God and became a Christian. The changes that I have gone through have affected my whole life. I became a pastor of a church and in my paintings began to look for colors and images that express God's light. Now I love to paint pictures filled with light, in which there are happy people. Landscapes where you can see how mountains, waterfalls, trees move in a mystical dance that glorifies the Creator. In every canvas, an abstract beginning is important for me. When I start painting, I paint colors spontaneously, abstractly. I try to express my emotion through color and then to show in it the images of people, animals, nature. I want my paintings to glorify God and bring joy to those who will look at them.

Zdolbyniv, Ukraine
Ariel from Portland
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5/5 stars - STUNNING. We could not be more happy with our artist. He executed the project better than ever imagined. Truly talented. I will be using this artist for future projects.
- Ariel from Portland
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