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Our image to painting converter can turn any photo into art for free. If you like what you see we can match you with a real artist who will actually paint it on canvas and ship it to your doorstep for as little as $49 and in as little as 2 weeks.

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Oil portrait of a couple painted into a classical oil painting of pilgrims.

Classical Royal Portraits

Oil painting of a sunset with some kids in the foreground looking at it.

Make a Scene

Kitschy oil portrait of a dog as Captain Marvel

Kitschy Portraits

Photo to Painting Techniques Compared

Method 1Image Convolutions

This is the most basic technique and building block for all other techniques for turning a photo into a painting style. The technology usually applies a basic computational convolutional effect, where a small grid of pixels, called a kernel, modifies the underlying pixel values in a static way that is defined by the programmer. A common convolution is the gaussian blur, which applies a blur effect. A small grid of pixels modifies the RGB pixel values to achieve a blur, and this is applied across the whole image.

Method 2Adobe Photoshop Filters

Most image filters apply a series of image convolution algorithms with manually hand-tuned parameters. Because they are hand-tuned, they result in the basic and fixed effect on most images.

Method 3Convolutional Neural Networks

This is a much newer technique that is data driven. A neural network model is trained on images in general so that features can be extracted from the underlying image. Features are encoded grouping of pixels that match an abstract concept of some object that has been learned from the statistical model. For example, with enough training data, a model of images could identify the concept of a person, hand, or stop sign, from pixel values in an image because it can learn the invariant characteristics of those objects (the "big picture" so to speak). Features are extracted from the photo you upload as well as the style image that is being targeted. The convolutional network essentially applies a series of image convolution filters, much like Photoshop filters, and tunes the parameters of each filter automatically to automatically try to match the features extracted from the style image.

Method 4Human Artists

This is arguably the most advanced technique. A master artist can interpret what makes up a certain style used in a painting style and apply the same style to another photo reference. The downsides is that it does cost some money to do and they are a bit slower.

The Instapainting Method

At Instapainting, we combine Convolutional Neural Networks and human artists to give the best experience. You can preview your artwork in select styles instantly using our AI Painter, and then get a master human artist to interpret and make it real and physical, and clean up the shortcomings of the AI Painter.