Jez Jones Art Artist Profile

I am a freehand illustrator and portrait artist based in Lincoln, United Kingdom. Specializing in pencils and watercolors, my portraits reflect attention to detail, realism and change in texture, light and shadow. Previously, I have studied Illustration at The Lincoln College of Art and Design and University College Falmouth and I have exhibited artwork in Florence, London, Cannes and Glasgow.

Following several years of studio work, creating book illustrations, t-shirt design and tattoo design, I have gone onto specialize in portraiture as this is my real passion. My portraits take influence from Lucien Freud, Jenny Saville, Edward Hopper and Euan Uglow. I strive for photo realism in each artwork and my 10 years experience in has given me an insight into portraiture ranging from families, weddings, newborn babies, children and individuals.

I am happy to accept portraits in pencil, oil paints, coloured pencils and watercolors and have a turnaround time of 6-10 days depending of the amount of subjects per portrait. In, addition, I will happily take on portraits with multiple people, any background and portraits amalgamated from different photo references.

Price list for black and white drawings:
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $120.00 USD
16×24″ (40×60 cm): $200.00 USD
24×36″ (60×90 cm): $270.00 USD
30×40″ (76×101 cm): $320.00 USD
36×48″ (91×121 cm): $400.00 USD

Price list for watercolor paintings:
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $150.00 USD
16×24″ (40×60 cm): $230.00 USD
24×36″ (60×90 cm): $300.00 USD
30×40″ (76×101 cm): $350.00 USD
36×48″ (91×121 cm): $430.00 USD

Lincoln United Kingdom

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