John Groves Artist Profile

Dallas based artist, John Groves, has been working professionally as an
artist since 1997. Possessing a natural talent for drawing at a young age,
John had his first art lesson at age 13. It was several years later when an
interest in H. R. Giger's air brush work spiked his interest and drew him
back into art. Inspiration from the work of Theodore Gericault and the old
masters has led to John's largest painting, an 8 ft by 4.5 ft, 1/4 scale
reproduction of Gericault's Raft of the Medusa.

John's passion for art is driven by his love for portraits. He is extremely
comfortable with a pencil in hand, and works in graphite, charcoal and
crayon. However, it is his brushwork that has his oil and acrylic paintings
hanging in Germany, France and across the US.

Mediums: All pencils, oils and acrylics.

Completion time for a 28" x 22" portrait: 7 to 14 days.

Works accepted: Any subject matter, any style. It can include multiple
people, pets or wildlife.

John is a member of The Grapevine Art Project. Some of his work can be seen
at: JohnGroves.Art

Debbie from McKinney
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Anthony from North Tonawanda
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Eugene from Zephyrhills
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5/5 stars - Thanks a bunch it turned out exactly how I was imagining it. Merry Christmas
- Eugene from Zephyrhills
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5/5 stars - Outstanding job! All additions and subtractions from the photo world outstanding.
- wade from Wellington
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5/5 stars
- Emily from Middletown
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