Tyler R. Williams Artist Profile

San Francisco Bay Area


B.A. Industrial Product Designer & Fine Artist

I'm an Artist/Photographer/Industrial Designer, specializing in custom oil and acrylic landscape or portrait painting. Subtle aspects of my work/technique can be seen as abstract-realism or impressionistic. It's a mesh of unique and classical styles of painting that hardly anyone will be able to emulate. All this while still being able to undoubtedly recognizing your original reference image. I'll be able to work closely with you to make sure you can view your painting's progress and not only customize your order, but enhance whatever you want painted before its completion. Each order will take between 7-25+ production days depending on the number of subjects or type of request.
12×16″ (30×40 cm): $111.02
16×24″ (40×60 cm): $222.04
24×36″ (60×90 cm): $500.00
30×40″ (76×101 cm): $693.88
36×48″ (91×121 cm): $999.18

12×16″ (30×40 cm): $133.22
16×24″ (40×60 cm): $266.45
24×36″ (60×90 cm): $777.55
30×40″ (76×101 cm): $832.66
36×48″ (91×121 cm): $1,199.01

Prices (Above) Include:
*Labor Cost: $50USD/Hour
*Materials Cost: $15-$36 Canvas & Medium
*Handling Fee: Aver. $7.00-$30USD
*Oakland- CA, USA Sales Tax 9.25%

Average turnaround time in days: 7-25 average production days @ approx. 3-6hours/day

Oakland-CA, USA

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