bridal party dress - Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo

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Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo


Ana J Rosales from DENVER,
★★★★★I am extremely satisfied with the finished product. The artist truly captured all the details of the picture and my loved ones. This was a gift for my daughter after my grandmother's passing and it will definitely be held onto as a new family treasure. Thank you!!

Kay Lane from Coldspring,
★★★★★Artist did a wonderful job! This is a picture of my mother on her wedding day with her father who passed only a couple years later. It gave her all the happy tears and such a welcome addition to her life for this timeless photo to resurface in a new form.

Malea Newborn from Jasper,
★★★★★Beautiful. I got so many emails tho, this got lost in the shuffle somewhere. I just received my painting, I love it! BUT not knowing it was about to be shipped caused my account to be overdrawn. So I’m not happy at all about that. But since it was a gift for my daughter I’m happy enough.