dress shirt - Custom Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo

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Custom Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo


Colin Osborne from Dorking ,
★★★★★Simply wow ! My expectations have been well and truly exceeded. Absolutely fantastic Edmond..!! Thanks so much. Really, really happy.

Tammy Teneriello from Malden,
★★★★★Fantastic! Great job!

Scot Goldberg from Fort Myers,
★★★★★The artwork came out beautifully. The impact that the painting gave my family during this time of Coro19 quarantine is behind words. So thank you. Thank you.

Karen & Michael Egiziaco from FISHKILL,
★★★★★The artist did an amazing job...it's just to bad that the painting came in damaged from delivery.

Betty Lindan from Waco,
★★★★★I absolutely love the painting.

Trent Brining from Kansas City,
★★★★★This painting could not have turned out better! Timely shipping and absolutely immaculate work. Can’t wait to buy another one!