furniture - Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo

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Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo


Joe F from Farmingdale,
★★★★★ Looks fantastic, came out exactly as we were hoping. Thanks!

Albert Safi from Baltimore,
★★★★ Pretty good. Background had a nice human touch to it. Really really really stupid how the approval is set up. Maybe it was my mistake, but I feel most shoppers are like me and need things made pretty easy for them. I had no clue I had to approve the draft for them to ship. It's not on the same page when you view the draft, so how would you know? I mean it makes sense, but I ordered before Xmas, and my wife joked it was a ground hog's day present. I didn't know I had to approve it until I asked the artist where my painting was. But the product was overall pretty good.

Abby Turner from College Station,
★★★★★ Absolutely amazing! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. My mom cried when she saw it

Cathy Ferrel from Aurora,
★★★★★ Quick turnaround, great communication and awesome talent. I highly recommend my artist!

Heidi Vaughn from Goldsby,
★★★★★ If I could give more stars I would! This painting turned out perfect. Can’t wait to have more projects completed!

Joseph Pawlak from Chicago,
★★★★★ Painting exceeded my expectations.