light - Custom Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo

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Custom Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo


Jacqueline Pan from Princeton,
★★★★★Quick turnaround and super accurate representation of the picture!

Jessica Micha from Buffalo,
★★★★★People love the painting, it's the first thing they see when they come in the House!!

James Krack from Longmont,
★★★★★Thank you

Joshua Bliss from NEW YORK,
★★★★★Talented, responsive, and helpful! Very happy with his services!

Matt Morehead from Walden,
★★★★★My wife LOVES this painting......she’s almost in tears........this is beautiful.........

Justice Douglas from South Park Township,
★★★★★The way Edmond was able to utilize the light to make this a somewhat abstract painting made this an amazing gift.