Remove Things - Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo

Remove people or objects from the background or foreground of your painting.

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Artwork Product
Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo
Remove Things


Kristin Audra Torres from Carlsbad,
★★★★★The painting capture the essence of the entire picture. The painting looks exactly like our dog and I felt the presence of my dog when I looked at the painting. This was a gift for my parents for christmas of our recently passed dog and of course they cried! They loved it so much! Thank you! Edmond did a great job and did everything I asked for! -Kristin

Wendy Kettler from Austin,
★★★★★I just received this and am so pleased with how it turned out. Excellent, and looks like a full painting! And on top of that, it only took a few business days to get here even though I used standard shipping!

Laguna from Redondo Beach,
★★★★★Fantastic work!

Louann Burdell from Birmingham,
★★★★★You really captured our girl! Thank you!

Amy McMahan from Taylors,
★★★★★Just received my painting today. Edmond LI did an absolutely incredible job! It turned out exactly like I hoped and the turn around time was quicker than I expected. Five stars!

Kimberlee Moore from Charleston,
★★★★★Recieved my painting today. Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful work!!