sleeve - Custom Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo

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Custom Mixed-Media Oil Painting from Photo


Khristian Humes from Saint Charles,
★★★★★Looks really good

Endri Mince from Myrtle Beach,
★★★★★Wonderful and responsive!

Courtney Ouidja from Carlsbad,
★★★★★Myself and the whole extended family are so grateful for such a beautiful portrait of our 98 year old matriarch. You've immortalized her grace and beauty. Thank you

Andrew T Luckman from Chicago,
★★★★★This painting came out fantastic! Our artist was very responsive and was a pleasure to work with!

Tracey Silva from Sun Valley,
★★★★★I commissioned this for a dear friend who lost his grandmother, and he absolutely loved it. I love it. You did a fantastic job. Stunning work.

jamie winters from Monroe,
★★★★★Thank You for the great job!