Guaranteed delivery for Christmas and New Years is generally still available.

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Holiday Order Guidelines

During the Holiday season artists and studios around the world experience a surge in demand as orders are rushed in to make delivery by a special date. We've created this guide to give you recommended timelines so you can plan for delivery of your order without any surprises while ensuring ample time for the artist to put the maximum amount of attention and detail into your order. Because Instapainting is powered by independent artists, these dates are not hard deadlines. Artists may become available or unavailable on a day to day basis. Submit an order today to secure your artist.

Guaranteed Delivery

To get your order guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas, New Years, or any other date, just select the Delivery Deadline option when configuring your item and pick the date you need it by (select Dec 31 for New Years).

The artist will guarantee the delivery by the date you specify and inform you when it needs to be shipped to achieve the delivery date. Significant penalties and discounts are enforced by Instapainting if the artist misses the delivery date unless delays are caused by the customer. Instapainting is the only service that offers real monetary compensation as part of our enforced guarantees.

When to submit your order

This is the recommended method if you are aiming to receive a painting for the Holidays. We still recommend placing the order before Dec 5, or earlier, to ensure an artist can be assigned and to allow ample time for revisions if necessary. Availability of artists changes in real time and generally artists stop guaranteeing Christmas delivery sometime between Dec 5-10. Your order is not guaranteed until an available artists accepts your order (this happens within 2 days of order submission).

Non-Guaranteed Options

If you forego a delivery deadline, you can still order a painting normally and get it delivered by a specific date by managing the schedule yourself. Please refer to the estimates below for guidelines on doing this. We do not guarantee or ensure any delivery dates based on this but if you inform the artist they will make the best efforts to do so if possible.

Painting Times (5-15 days)

For all custom artwork products, production time can vary between 5-15 days depending on the artist or studio, and depending on the size and complexity of your order.

When you place an order through, your order details and requirements are submitted to many artists and studios around the world. We automatically select the best artist but our system generally prioritize quality over speed. You will be able to view all interested artists and their estimated turnaround times for your order (in addition to their past orders samples, customer reviews, and other details) and select a turnaround time that suits your needs. Orders are fully cancellable within 24 hours or before an artists accepts the order, and fully refunded if cancelled under such conditions.

Handling Time (1-2 days)

After the painting is finished it may take 1-2 days for the painting to fully dry and to be packed and shipped.

Shipping Times

Economy Shipping (2-4 weeks)

Shipping transit time can vary between 2-4 weeks during the Holiday season.

Express Shipping (3-5 business days)

Shipping transit time can vary between 3-5 business days (excluding weekend days) during the Holiday season.

When to submit your order

For delivery by Christmas (Dec 24th) we recommend submitting your order by Nov 20th and asking your artist to ship it no later than Dec 5th. No guarantees on the delivery date are made unless Guaranteed Delivery is ordered.

For delivery by New Years we recommend submitting your order by Dec 9 and asking your artist to ship it no later than Dec 23. No guarantees on the delivery date are made unless Guaranteed Delivery is ordered.

These are guidelines only, as availability of artists fluctuates on a daily basis. Unless Guaranteed Delivery is ordered, Instapainting or the independent artists and studios are not responsible for delivery after your intended date even if the recommended guidelines are followed.