Merge Multiple Photos - Oil Painting from Photo

Don't have a picture with everyone together? Merge multiple photos or subjects from multiple photos into one painting. The artist can smooth out the details.

Select a product, upload a photo, and we'll find the best artist to paint "merge multiple photos". You can browse merge photospainting samples from real customers and artists.

Instapainting lets you get your photo painted or drawn by a real artist, starting at just $49.Just upload a photo and we automatically match you with an artist suited for your order who ships you the artwork. Most orders are delivered to your door within 3 weekswith expedited shipping. This gallery showcases real orders from real artists and customers.

Artwork Product
Oil Painting from Photo
Merge Multiple Photos


Kathleen Lange from Christchurch,
★★★★★Rex was wonderfully efficient and I'm delighted by the quality of the painting!

Kathryn Ransom from Maxton,
★★★★★My painting is WONDERFUL !! Joy was a "joy" to work with (no pun intended) ... and she is easy to communicate with. She understood what I wanted and made the painting right. When I suggested that the eyes needed to have more "sparkle and light" she made the improvement immediately and it was perfect. Thank you Joy !! This is a WONDERFUL painting. You may not know this but this is a surprise Wedding anniversary gift for my husband and it arrived today just in time ....our anniversary is in 4 days.. he will be thrilled !!

Ehmudh Firdausi from TINLEY PARK,
★★★★★Amazing artist! Dealt with me being indecisive and even redid the painting to make a simple edit.

isabel wilkes from austin,
★★★★★Wow! Amazing work! My oil painting turned out better than I had even hoped for. Thank you!

Kyle Wollenberg from Nashport,
★★★★★Thank you very much! The painting looks great and so full of life and detail. Everyone in the family appreciates and enjoys the work you have done.

Matthew Bishop from BROOKLYN,
★★★★★Amazing piece of art and is the center piece of our living room. Takes my wife and I back to our honeymoon. Rex Painting was patient and professionally responded to our numerous edits. We are grateful to have this great work.