Hello - I’m interested in having a vintage ski poster painted. 2 questions - (1) would this be better in oil / acrylic or watercolor, and (2) do you need the actual poster to paint it, or will a link / picture of it suffice?

  • Hello! The medium the painting is painted in is completely your choice, it would look great in oil, watercolor or acrylic - If you like the 'traditional painting' style of oil (and acrylic) you can choose that and watercolor tends to look more 'casual'. All we/I would need is a link to the image you'd like to have painted - I think all of the artists here on Instapainting work from a link to the reference image. It sounds like a wonderful painting, best wishes to you!

  • 1,you choice the style.2 ,only picture.

    answered by Peter Lin Request Artist