fixture - Custom Watercolor Painting from Photo

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Custom Watercolor Painting from Photo


Nancy Scala from Redwood City,
★★★★★Thank you Joy. You were wonderful to work with.

Carrie Martino from Shrewsbury,
★★★★Artist was very patient and eager to please. Very satisfied

Leah Maurer from Kissimmee,
★★★★★Turned out exactly how I wanted it!!!

Bernadette Below from Rochester,
★★★★★The painting turned out perfect! Thank you! It was a few days late but understandable during the holiday season and Covid.

Vanessa Berry from Marietta,
★★★★★Amazing work! My clients raved about their painting😊

Lyndsey DeCesare from Mentor,
★★★★★Thank you!! It was beautifully done!!