flash photography - Custom Charcoal Drawing from Photo

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Custom Charcoal Drawing from Photo


Jason Boone from Ruckersville,
★★★★★Happy with the results! Wife was amazed by the gift!

Kristi Williams from Lexington,
★★★★★I love it! Thank you!

Margaret Battenberg from Oconomowoc,
★★★★★Painting was phenomenal. Communication was excellent, we're very happy with the end result.

Gayle Entler from Prior Lake,
★★★★★Great job!! Any questions I had were answered quickly and completely!

Beatrice jenkins from Los Angeles,
★★★★★This is not the finished product becasue the artist lifted his eye for me and DID A REMARKABLE JOB. I LOVED IT AND SO DID THE OWNER. Was a wonderful gift surprise!!

Jason Sabin from Lehi,
★★★★★Brilliant and amazing work! John did an outstanding job a charcoal drawing for my wife and I.