Selecting Art for Your Home

Art can make any house feel like a home, but sometimes it can be a challenge to find art pieces that speak to you and reflect your design style. With many different art forms, there are some pieces that could fit well with your existing decor and others that may not. If this sounds like a problem you are facing, you’re in luck. Redfin reached out to art experts from Encinitas, CA to Windsor, ON, including Instapainting, for our best suggestions on unique art pieces to consider for every room in your home. Check out The Art of Selecting Art: Experts Share Unique Art Pieces for Every Room of the House to see what we had to say.

GeoVim: Terminal Vim With GUI Hot Keys (Cmd/Ctrl), VS Code Feature Parity, and Collaborative Editing

Run a 100 FPS GPU-rendered Vim With macOS Hot Keys, Shared Copy & Paste, Remote Collaboration, Session Save/Resume, Crash Recovery, and More

What a fully loaded, hot-key enabled, but still lightning fast Vim setup looks like

By following the hot keys setup in this article, we can make terminal Vim/Neovim feel just like any native app, or working in an editor like VS Code. You’ll be able to use Vim in iTerm2, Kitty, or Alacritty—or your terminal of choice—while still keeping your standard hot keys for copy, paste, switching tabs (this guide will focus on binding command key, but you can substitute with control key.) By running your Vim in a terminal, you get features like collaborative editing for free (through Teleconsole).

Pair it with my recommended Vim config for a fully loaded yet blazing fast IDE experience:

  • Lightning-fast 100 FPS GPU-rendered Vim (via Kitty) that’s still easy on your processor and battery
  • Full mouse support: switch tabs by clicking, click on menu items, select text, etc.
  • Full standard OS hot keys: CMD+C/V to copy and paste, CMD+T for new tab, CMD+W to close tab, CMD+{ or } to switch tabs, etc. (whoever told you that you can’t map the command (⌘ CMD) key in regular VIM was wrong!)
  • Code hints, auto complete, syntax and code linting, type and method signatures—all as you type
  • Super fast project-wide file search and even text/symbol search
  • Save and resume sessions, even on crashes
  • Live synced editor for remote collaboration (via Teleconsole)
  • And much more!
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How To Showcase Your Pet With The Perfect Pet Portrait Painting

Pet portrait painting of cat on its back

If you’re a pet owner, then you are well acquainted with the issue of running out of storage on your phone with your camera roll chock full of pictures of your pets. Photos of your pet are great, but why not turn some of those adorable pics into a fun pet portrait painting?

Rather than being stuck on a phone, paintings can be hung on a wall to showcase your perfect pet to everyone. They’re also so much more whimsical, fun, and personal than a digital photo in a frame. If you’re not so confident in your painting ability, we offer amazing pet portrait services that can do it for you! Continue reading “How To Showcase Your Pet With The Perfect Pet Portrait Painting”