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Wired Magazine Instapainting Robo Painter on Techcrunch AI Painter on Engadget on Backchannel
Intrepid Robot Artist Creates 36-Hour Crowd-Sourced Painting
A Robot Spent 36 Hours Painting This Abstract Masterpiece

This artist is amazing. Fantastic work on the faces. This print is just priceless. He captured my husband’s... (full review on order page)
Allyson from Hazleton, US

I am so happy with my painting! The artist managed to capture the joy I felt at the time the picture was taken. She was... (full review on order page)
Mary-Jo from Pasadena, US

Beautiful painting! Thank you!
Galina from Palo Alto, US

This was a fantastic experience with exactly what I was looking for. Wonderful job and thank you so much.
Tanner from Rosamond, US

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Made In USA By American Artists is the only art platform with American artists ready to take your order. Here are some recent pieces made in America.

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Instapainting is powered by top-tier independent global artists ready to deliver to anywhere in the world. Browse featured artists and directly request them from their profile.

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Instapainting is a platform for top independent artists and studios. Global artists and studios are vetted and each order is matched across hundreds of artists for the right skill and experience every single time.

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Artists are vetted based on their personal portfolios, exhibitions, and projects. Unlike other websites, your order won't be sent to a factory.

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  • Real paint—not digital. Your photo becomes a real physical painting, not a digital one. The artist paints with real paint on real canvas.
  • Direct-From-Artist. Communicate directly with a real artist—no middlemen or factory workers.
  • View your painting image online and approve it before it ships.
  • Unlimited revisions and BrushVision technology makes it easy to see changes between revisions. Mark up your painting on our website easily.
  • Our artists ship worldwide with full tracking and insurance.
  • USA Company. We are a US-based corporation with offices in Washington state.

Why Custom Artwork?

Turn your favorite photo (even low quality ones) into a beautiful painted picture by a real artist. Get them the ultimate personalized gift: a custom portrait painting.

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Saul Klein
Partner, Index Ventures
Alexis Ohanian
Executive Chairman,
Wired Magazine Instapainting Robo Painter on Techcrunch AI Painter on Engadget on Backchannel
Intrepid Robot Artist Creates 36-Hour Crowd-Sourced Painting
A Robot Spent 36 Hours Painting This Abstract Masterpiece

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
Select an artwork product type from our site, upload a photo and add instructions, and submit the order. Then we'll match you with interested artists and help you pick the best one to create it and ship it to you!
What are the prices? How much does it cost?
All pricing information is directly displayed on the product pages. To see them just select a product and you can see a list of sizes and prices. For any extra options, the prices are displayed next to the options for your convenience.
What are the turnaround times?
Turnaround times generally range from 5-15 days, regardless of product. The specific turnaround time will vary based on your requirements, your artwork size, and the current level of demand we have in our network. Weather conditions may affect oil painting drying times. Expedited shipping ranges from 3-5 business days, and Economy Saver shipping can take up to 4 weeks for transit. With expedited shipping, most orders are at your door around 3 weeks from ordering, and with economy saver shipping it can take 4-6 weeks. Revision requests and drying time can add to turnaround times. If you need the painting by a specific date, we offer guaranteed delivery deadlines by selecting a delivery deadline date when you configure your painting. Once your order is submitted and we have collected responses from actual artists, you will be able to see their quoted turnaround times based on your order requirements.
What's the fastest turnaround available?
Generally our Pencil drawings and Charcoal drawings have the fastest possible turnaround times at around 10 days to your door. To see the shortest turnaround time we can guarantee, just select the product you would like and check the available delivery deadline dates that you can select in the calendar.
Are these real paintings?
Yes, all our products are currently real paintings, physically hand-made by real artists. You can refer to the product page descriptions for more details about each type of artwork product we offer.
Do you ship worldwide?
Because is a platform for independent artists and studios worldwide, we can always find artists who can ship to your country. Just enter your address at checkout! *Please note because is a United States company, certain sanctioned countries cannot use our platform (these include, but are not limited to, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and more)
Do you offer free shipping?
We occassionally offer a free shipping promotion *world-wide*. Signup for our email list to be notified and just select the applicable shipping method at checkout and make sure you have at least one item larger than 12"x12".
Where are your artists located? is a platform for independent artists and studios, so we do not employ any artists in any specific locations. Artists can register and use our platform from anywhere in the world, as long as they submit portfolio samples that pass our rigourous standards. We have active artists ranging from the United States to Australia, and in many places in between. When you place an order, we look at your requirements and match you with interested artists who will ultimately paint and ship from their home or studio and ship directly to you. Feel free to browse our gallery or our featured artists page to find artists and see their biographies and locations. Normally we will find artists for you, but if you see any artists on our platform that you like, you can request quotations from them on their profile page.
Will I get a proof/preview before the artist starts?
By default, if no instructions are provided, the artist will paint your photo exactly as it is. If the photo does not fit into the size you ordered, they will edit the photo and ask for your approval before starting. If you have complex or non-standard instructions, the artist may provide a photoshop mockup for you to approve so that there are no suprises with the sizes and positions of things. For certain requests such as making a painting in the style of another artwork, the artist cannot do a preview, but we do offer select artistic styles ranging from Picasso to Roy Lichtenstein which you can instantly preview. To try that out, just upload a photo when you configure an item and you will be able to select and preview those styles.
Can I replace the background in my painting?
Yes! Just upload the background photo as a second photo when configuring your item, and write in the instructions box to use the file as the background. You can also describe a color or tone in the instructions box for your artist to use if you do not have a specific background photo. You can visit our gallery to view some examples of background replacement paintings.
Can I add or remove things?
Just write in the instructions box what people or things you want the artist to remove. If you would like to add something to the photo, just upload the additional photo of that person or thing and ask the artist to add it in. It's that simple! You can visit our gallery to view some examples of adding things to paintings and removing things from paintings.
Can I change things in my photo?
Just write in the instructions box what you want to change. For example, if someone is frowning, you can ask the artist to paint them with a smile! You can visit our gallery to view some examples of changing things in paintings.
Can I paint myself into another piece of artwork or painting?
This is a popular request, and of course we have the best artists who specialize in these. To request this type of painting, just upload the photo of the artwork you want to recreate, and then upload headshots of yourself or your subjects in the same poses and positions. Then write in the instructions box where to paint each person. And it doesn't have to be other paintings or artwork. You can paint people into other photos as well! You can visit our gallery to view some examples of re-facing paintings.
What if I don't like the result?
While we have high standards for our artists and they follow order instructions strictly, inevitably an artist's work may not jive with your expectations. Artists on are all highly skilled, and can generally get anything you need done, and issues are almost always fixable with revisions. Usually it's just a matter of the artist knowing what you want in your head. Since they can't read minds, we instead we made it a requirement for all artists on our platform to include unlimited revisions (within reasonable confines of the original request). If they don't get it to what you imagined the first time, you can tell them exactly what you need through our site. While you can't force the artist to completely do another painting at the wave of a hand, you can easily annotate the painting image on our website and mark things you want changed and how to change them to match your photo or your instructions. We automatically highlight the changes the artist makes between revisions so you can see exactly what they changed. Finally, if you are still not satisfied with the result, you can claim our 100% Money Back Guarantee offer to get a refund.
What is your return policy?
Since these paintings are all made to order, they can't really be returned, but we do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee offer instead.
I'm an artist. How can I join?
Please start by registering an account and uploading portfolio samples and writing a biography to begin the review process. Once the review process is completed, you will be able to find customers, accept orders, and set your own prices.