How To Showcase Your Pet With The Perfect Pet Portrait Painting

Pet portrait painting of cat on its back

If you’re a pet owner, then you are well acquainted with the issue of running out of storage on your phone with your camera roll chock full of pictures of your pets. Photos of your pet are great, but why not turn some of those adorable pics into a fun pet portrait painting?

Rather than being stuck on a phone, paintings can be hung on a wall to showcase your perfect pet to everyone. They’re also so much more whimsical, fun, and personal than a digital photo in a frame. If you’re not so confident in your painting ability, we offer amazing pet portrait services that can do it for you! Continue reading “How To Showcase Your Pet With The Perfect Pet Portrait Painting”

Give The Same Gift Every US President Receives When Leaving Office

Did you know that every US president has gotten a presidential portrait painting done for them upon leaving office? These paintings can take 1-2 years to complete and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Obamas’ portraits reportedly cost $500,000.

Don’t worry though, historically US presidents have stopped using tax-payer money to fund these paintings.

A satirical version of Barack Obama's presidential oil portrait.
A satirical version of Barack Obama’s presidential oil portrait.

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Get a Robert Ryman Blank White Painting Replica for $20

We’re offering the deal of a lifetime! Get a replica of Robert Ryman’s all-white-paint-on-canvas painting “Untitled” (1961) for just $20 for a 48″x48″ oil-on-canvas replica (after a gift card rebate). That’s a $19,999,980 savings from the latest auction price. You’ll be able to show off your wealth and art savvy without breaking the bank.

You can hang an original size oil-on-canvas replica of this on your wall and intrigue (or baffle) your guests!

How to get this deal:

  1. Place an order for 48″x48″ Mixed-Media (printed+painted) replica or a 48″x48″ 100% Oil Painting replica
  2. Contact us at after your order is shipped to receive a gift card for $154 if a Mixed Media replica, or $288 if a 100% Oil Painting replica. This will bring the total cost to $20 and $40 respectively. Rebate amount will be reduced accordingly (to bring down purchase price to $20 or $40) if ordered size is smaller than 48″x48″.

Limit one per customer. Order must be placed by end of day (US Pacific time) April 1, 2018.