mammal - Watercolor Painting from Photo

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Watercolor Painting from Photo

Alexandra from Anchorage,
★★★★★ Really nice painted portrait, if i did another i would send additional pictures of the faces in the picture to add clarity but it is still really nice

Lauren Gurney from Moose,
★★★★★ Great artist. Provided timely updates and revisions and produced a one of a kind, lifelike piece of art. Very happy with her work.

Deborah Mlinar from Arvada,
★★★★★ This artist did a great job. I am very pleased.

Dominick Tuason from Trenton,
★★★★★ Artist did a great job capturing my wife and our two dogs. She loves the painting, and it serves as a great remembrance of our Japanese chins, who passed within two years of one another.

Cassandra A Lacher from Denver,
★★★★★ Amazing job!!! It was a gift for my sister and brother-in-law and they loved it. They especially liked how she did the leaves. I would definetly go to this artist, especially for paintings of landscapes.

Katy Allan from Cartersville,
★★★★★ This artist was absolutely wonderrrrrful!! Did exactly what I asked, and the painting turned out better than I ever could've expected.