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Kathleen Ansley from Birmingham,
★★★★★ Edmond is amazing! At first I was debating on getting an oil painting instead because I was worried about it not looking real enough. but I ended up choosing mix media and I have no regrets! This artist did such an amazing job matching the picture and the painting and still keep it so fun and artsy at the same time with the some messy strokes (which i love)! I am so excited for my mom to unwrap this on Christmas and freak!

Cami Forrester from Fredericksburg,
★★★★★ I am in love with the painting

Brenda Peters from Milesburg,
★★★★★ Awesome portrait so lifelike,I will be ordering again,I highly recommend my artist and this company,thank you so much.

Eddie albonetti from Memphis,
★★★★★ The painting was absolutely stunning! I could not have asked for better! She went beyond my expectations. Thank you so much.

Michael Strupp from Elmhursturst,
★★★★★ The artist greatly exceeded my expectations - the final work product was precisely what I wanted, and the execution was much better than I expected. I am so very happy with how this turned out. Amazing!

Roberta Ross from Medford,
★★★★★ Amazing quality, at a very fast speed. Highly recommend